Facade panels wood/concrete

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The façade panels wood/concrete Elmere is innovative wall for build very low energy consumption buildings : passive building or positive energy building.

The Elmere panels is a complete constructive system  :

  • -          Interior concrete surface (7cm)
  • -          Exterior joinery triple glazing integrated workshop
  • -          Double cross fram wood
  • -          Rockwool 32cm
  • -          Exterior rainscreen
  • -          Options : sun-shading, electric reservations



 Benefits of panels

 Techniques :

Interior concrete surface: solidity of the building and impact resistance.

Incorporation of the equipment to the manufacturing: Exterior joinery, sun-shading,sheaths electric

Clean building site : zero waste

Improvement of the working conditions of the people in charge of construction

Thermics :

Concrete’s inertia : summer and winter comfort

Optimal insulation: Rock wool 32cm

Perfect sealing around joineries by the installation in workshop

Thermal resistance solid wall : Up=0,110 w/m².K

Budget :

Reduce of building times : control of the cost and the deadlines

No maintenance


Quick mounting : 200m² per day

Fixing to the supporting structure

No poured concrete on site

Flexibilities in uses :

Possible structure : concrete, metallic, wood

Choose your interior concrete surface : rough concrete of dismantling, sanded white,…

Combines with other insulation

Accepts all types of exterior sidings